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In the last month I have had two cousins pass away. Gary was older than I by about 10 years and led a somewhat hard life. Growing up I recall him being a biker type and I just thought that was the best thing ever.
Mark was a second cousin technically, the son of my cousin Mike. He was only 34. I think I babysat for him once or twice many years ago.
Okay, so what is the really odd part about this? That my family told me about the first death 2 weeks after the fact and my cousin Deb from Seattle, the only family member I am close to, just saw the second notice and emailed me to ask if I knew. Oh, and the visitation for Mark is tonight in Rockford. Now I have to ask myself, is my family just that rude to not call people when there is a funeral or is it an out of sight out of mind thing since I never really see them? I am leaning pretty heavily toward to latter but it did make me look at myself and my family interaction.
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