Terry (misterreal) wrote,

I just finished reading ‘The Elfish Gene’ by Mark Barrowcliffe. It is about growing up in the 70’s and being obsessed with Dungeons and Dragons (known as D&D). Normally when reading a book I visualize scenes that the author is describing. If I am having trouble doing this then either I am not relating to the story at all or the author is not very good at descriptions. In this book I didn’t visualize, I had flashbacks. He has put into words that I could never come up with the WHY us adolescent males were obsessed with this game. Eating, sleeping, breathing was optional. Playing a game of D&D was not.
There has been only one other thing that made me have flashbacks like this book and that was the movie ‘Dazed and Confused’. This is really weird since I am having dinner in a few weeks with high school friends I have not seen since Member’s Only jackets and one glove were in style. A couple of the guys I played D&D with and one of the women I dated briefly.
How do I feel about all this? Not sure. I am a completely different person now. I was not the nicest person in high school and definitely not a good friend. Yet when I look back, I see how it all shaped who I am now. I guess this is just kind of weird to me.…but that is why this is a journal, right?
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