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Friday the 13th

I have not written anything for a long time. Not that I have ever been a frequent poster at anytime. I have just not been feeling the urge to post, not here or on FB. Today I decided I will post no matter what so this is going to be possibly very random.
SCA – fighting has plateud, which happens occasionally. Think I had a breakthrough with archery this week and hope to up that game going forward. Have some projects I need to do like garb and armor. Saturday is a good day for that.
Work – switched positions in the last few months. It has more long term potential but means learning new stuff which I have not had to do in 7 years. There are new people to work with and that is not a bad thing.
Other – Health is good although asthma did not like me earlier this month. Need to get back to working out (P90X) starting tomorrow. Tonight is bowling with a bunch of people. I am putting together a fantasy campaign for a role-playing game (Runequest), two people have made up characters already and done some background stuff. Need a third person to commit and we can start playing. I have an art project I need to get moving on. I am doing a deck of cards for Teslacon this year (Steampunk) so need to get moving on it. I have the materials just need to get started. Also, need to work on the nerf guns I am painting and modifying to sell there.
Well, that is all for today. Going to try and post once a week.
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